1.The Publisher of „Avanti Newsletter” is AVANTI H. A. Żołądkowscy Sp. j. with its registered office in Poznań.

2.Within the above-mentioned service, via e-mail, to the e-mail address given by the user, AVANTI sends, in a cyclical manner and for indefinite period of time, information in the form of an electronic letter (e-mail) hereinafter referred to as the “Newsletter”. The Newsletter subscription service of is free of charge and is available for each service user.

3.The Newsletter is sent to the registered users not more frequently than once a month and contains, among others, advertisements, current commercial offer and information on promotion actions and events concerning the Avanti Spaghetteria.

4.Ordering the Newsletter by the user requires the following registration activities made on the Internet website www.avanti.poznan:

-writing in an appropriate form the e-mail address to which the user wishes to receive the Newsletter. The form is available on marked web pages of service and on relevant introductory pages to be seen by the user when visiting service;

-confirmation of the wish to receive promotional information by marking an appropriate field in the registration form,

-activation of the link contained in the e-mail sent automatically to the address given by the user to verify the accuracy of the information given during registration.

Lack of confirmation of the correct verification of the user’s e-mail address leads to removing the data entered into the base after 7 days from coming the data into the base.

5.Ordering the Newsletter by the user is equivalent to expressing consent for accepting additional mailing with Avanti commercial offers and information on the promotional events organized by Avanti. Taking advantage by the user of the services rendered via electronic mail depends on having an active and correctly set up e-mail account.

6.Each “Newsletter” includes:

-information on the sender,

-completed “topic” field defining the mailing content,

-information on the way of resignation from the service or changing its parameters (i.e. the user’s e-mail address). 

7.The “Newsletter” subscriber may resign from receiving it by clicking the link in the footer of each mailing.

8.The e-mail address given by the subscriber for the purposes of Newsletter subscription shall not be further processed and transferred to third parties without his/her consent.

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