Avanti in brief

Spaghetteria AVANTI offers Italian cuisines: spaghetti, lasagne, pasta casserole, salads... Every morning, fresh sauces, salads and starters are prepared in our kitchen. Spaghetti and all other pastas are prepared on an ongoing basis during the day, in order to be served ”al dente.” Thanks to that, out dishes are distinguished by their high quality. When translated, “Avanti” (Italian) means an INVITATION to come in, but it is also an exclamation: FORWARD, which is a synonym of progress. So...AVANTI!!!

It has been 20 years already...

AVANTI is a family company, with over twenty years of service in gastronomic industry. Summary of the most significant events:


Spaghetteria Avanti, located in an old historic tenement at Stary Rynek 76 in Poznań, receives its first guests.


• Avanti replaces Wars in providing services to travellers at Poznań Główny Railway Station. Despite the fact that it is very quickly pronounced the healer of gastronomy there, the relationship with PKP (Polish National Railways) comes to an end after 10 years. Although Avanti wins the tender for providing catering services at the railway station for the next decade, it decides to give up the contract and, in accordance with its FORWARD motto, takes up new challenges.


• Apart from the basic scope of activities, which takes place in catering facilities, AVANTI also renders catering services during banquets, cocktail parties, picnics and outdoor events, including international sports competitions.


• Avanti (2005) makes their services available via TeleAvanti, one of the first gastronomic websites in Poland.

• AVANTI runs many cafeterias and canteens for workers and students.


• Avanti welcomes connoisseurs of traditional Polish cuisine in the open house of “At the Goats” Inn, located in a historic tenement at Stary Rynek 95. The Grill Cellar, the Butler’s Pantry Room (ground floor), the Feast Room (1st floor) and a very popular summer open-air café, can seat 200 guests in total.


International Poznań Fair entrusts AVANTI with providing services to the exhibitors and their guests in the so-called VIP LOUNGE and in PEWUKA restaurant. The employees are the greatest asset of Avanti. Currently, we employ approximately 70 people. The professionalism of our cooks was appreciated during many competitions, resulting in many titles and honours, both in Poland and abroad.

Our cooks can boast about the achievements mentioned below, which, to a large extent, can be assigned to the chef, master Ryszard Józefiak, who kept a close eye on the young trainees of culinary art during their preparations for competition to win the following honourable trophies:


2002 1st place (as a part of Polish national team – individually and in team ranking)


2001 – 2nd place

2002 – 2nd place

2005 – 1st place


2001 – 1st place


2002 – 1st place


2001 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

2002 – 1st place 2004 1st place

2005 – 1st place

EXPO RIVA – International Chefs Contest (Italy)

2001 GOOD BECAUSE POLISH – silver medal

2001 Spaghetteria AVANTI and “AT THE GOATS” INN

SILVER FORK (Wielkopolska Chamber of Gastronomy award for the best fast food chain)

1995 Avanti (Spaghetteria and Avanti at Poznań Główny Railway Station)

POLAGRA 2000 Audience Award


Ancient philosophers used to say: Panta rhei (Greek), which means “everything flows”. As it is in life, the history of Avanti has its good as well as bad moments. One thing is certain, we do not rest on our laurels, and we take up new challenges, adding new pages to Avanti’s history.


Our partners
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